SingaporeConnect is loosely organised around a President and a free-form committee of members. As we grow, we would like to seek volunteers to serve in the additional positions listed below:

a.    President

i.         The President sets the vision and direction for the organisation.

ii.         Externally, he or she leads the committee to organise events and reach out to as many members as possible.  He acts as the organisation’s representative in keeping touch and making arrangements with other organisations and official contacts.

iii.         Internally, he or she leads the committee to come up with the infrastructure so the organisation can be effective at its mission.

iv.         As needed, the President will call meetings with the committee or with other organisations.

v.         Until will assign a Treasurer, the President will be in charge of monitoring the finances. This includes ensuring that the costs of organising an event are covered by fees charged or funds sponsored.

vi.         Until we assign a Fundraiser, the President will be in charge of finding sources of funding, such as from the Overseas Singapore Unit, the Consulate General’s office, or other sponsors. This includes the relevant paperwork to support requests for funding.

vii.         Until we assign a Secretary, the President will be in charge of taking notes at meetings and tracking actions assigned.

viii.         Past Presidents and leaders of the organisation are a valuable resource and can serve as advisors. The President will engage with them as necessary.

b.    Events Chair

i.         We recognise that organising and holding events and functions that bring together members for social friendship, enrichment, or competitive fun is what members joined SingaporeConnect for.

ii.         All committee and SingaporeConnect members are encouraged to come up with event suggestions. The President and Events Chair will help decide which events we will focus our resources on organising.

iii.         Each event will be led by a DRI (directly responsible individual). Ideally the DRI can rotate among the committee members.

iv.         The DRI is the point-of-contact for the event, and will plan the event, with assistance of the Event Chair and the President (all who should ensure the event is well prepared for).

v.         The DRI is free to call on all committee members to help the DRI with the preparation for the event, and in assisting on the actual day.

vi.         As approved by the President or Event Chair, the DRI is free to call upon members or other organisations to volunteer for the event.

vii.         The Events Chair will be in charge of overseeing all events, in particular, being responsible for the logistical and administrative aspects that are common to each event (i.e. registration, fee collection, volunteer coordination.) By doing so, we will aim for consistency in how we manage and prepare for each event.

viii.         The Events Chair should also take notes in conjunction with the DRI and help conduct post-mortems so we can build up a library of helpful notes that will assist future event planning.

ix.         We also want to encourage members to get involved in event organisation. We can solicit suggestions for events, or find connections that will enable an event or make an event happen, i.e. connections to help secure a venue, grant access or help make a tour possible to a facility, invite a guest-of-honour/speaker, etc. Of course, to volunteer to assist on the actual day as well. The Events Chair shall help make use of all resources to engage with members, such as the web site, speaking up at events and the AGM.

c.     Membership Chair

i.         SingaporeConnect shall continue to operate a loose membership structure; no annual fees or expiration of membership status.

ii.         Members are defined as those on the SingaporeConnect mailing list. Active members are those who come to events, even better, help volunteer at or organise events!

iii.         The Membership Chair shall help maintain the mailing list, which is to be judiciously used to email announcements (such as new events, special bulletins from official Singapore organisations) to the members.

iv.         All committee members shall have access to the database.

v.         We recognise most members will “ignore” emails that are sent out too often. To maintain the judicious usage, only the President or Membership Chair will send mass emails.

vi.         The mailing list help on a group system where anyone on the Internet can subscribe/unsubscribe in an automated way. The chair should maintain this system and seek upgrades where necessary.

d.    Website and IT Chair (may be separate, but there may be synergies in combining the two)

i.         The SingaporeConnect web site should be a well-designed, informative, and useful site for SingaporeConnect members, and potential members.

ii.         Major features should be:

1.    Current Event Calendar: look up a calendar of upcoming events (with online registration and event details such as links to say, Google maps for directions)

2.    Past events Archive: with photographs and a little reporting (possibly with some sort of commenting feature).

3.    Forum: for discussing topics, separated by category

4.    SingaporeConnect Member lookup: with some sort of privacy/permissions feature – this is mostly for people to look up people who have posted their desired particulars.

iii.         The SingaporeConnect web site was previously hosted with Ning and with LinkedIn. Ning was good for forums and photo sharing, and LinkedIn good for member lookup with privacy/permissions. Both sites had good attributes but ultimately fall short of the richness, completeness, and identity the SingaporeConnect web site needs. Other specialised web sites, such as “EventBrite”, can be used for online registration and fee payment. The Singapore Chicago web site is a good example of a “portal” style web site.

iv.         It is very important that the website be “hosted” by a managed service such that multiple users can update it, i.e. we do not need to go through the Website Chair who will then have to manually upload to the server for every update. For example, the Event DRI or Event Chair can update event details, and the Reporting Chair can help coordinate uploads of photographs to the Past events archive.

v.         There is obviously no need to reinvent the wheel when there are interesting alternatives to look at today:

1.    Facebook Groups (because a lot of people, young and old, are on Facebook)

2.    Google Groups

3.    Blogger (or any “Blog” management service)

4.    Some portal software (which offer more customisation but come with modules like online registration and payment for events, comments/forum system, photograph feature. Basically the industry calls them “Content Management System”. 

vi.         The Website Chair should help get our website setup running and continue to help maintaining it and help transition the operation to the next Chair.

vii.         The SingaporeConnect Committee needs a secure and Internet-accessible location for storing files and documents, such as notes from meetings, event preparation, post-mortems. It is important that multiple users can access such storage without going through the IT Chair. It is preferable that some form of versioning, backup or archiving be done so such important data files are protected.

viii.         There are services that can be investigated:

1.    Google Docs

2.    Microsoft Office Live (also lets you build a web site)

ix.         The IT Chair should help find an appropriate service, set it up, and help maintain and transition the operation to the next Committee.

e.    Reporting Chair

i.         Events should be documented by photographs and a few paragraphs, like in a newsletter. (that we will published on the website).

ii.         The Reporting Chair should coordinate having a photographer be present at each event (or consolidate photographs taken by any other committee or SingaporeConnect member to store on the SingaporeConnect web site.

iii.         This role can be taken by the Events Chair or the Website Chair, but it seems well-defined enough to be spun off, and will offload the other two roles.


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