Singapore Community Day 2015

Be transported — a slice of Singapore in the Bay!

Make new friends, renew connections — space (and food!) for hundreds

Try your skill — individual and team games and sports for all ages

Cherish your memories — SG50 stations to reminiscence

Create something memorable — share your wishes to Singapore

Test your luck — who knows what you might win?

On Feb 28 2015 (Saturday), between 11 am to 4 pm we had the first-ever Singapore Community Day in the SF Bay Area, co-organised by SingaporeConnect and the Overseas Singaporean Unit! Despite the rain, we had an overwhelming turn-out: the event was sold out. Check out our:

Facebook Posts and Photos:


Posters displayed at the Singapore Community Day 2015 (plus a bonus poster). Please respect the copyright of the photographs and do not use these photos for any other purpose than personal enjoyment.

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Survey and Data Study

Volunteer Discount: Lend a hand, get in free
We highly valued our volunteers at the event. Volunteers, at our discretion, received a discount code for getting themselves, or their family, or their friends for free! An hour of commitment per ticket, up to 8. 

Event Schedule
We recommended that guests attend the entire event starting at 11:00 am. Doors were opened at 10:30 am and the main event started at 11:30 am.

Food Menu
Mouth-watering! Here were the main entrées:

Satay (chicken and beef/peanuts in gravy) | Ngo-Hiang (meat) | Roti Prata (veg) | Char Kway Teow (meat, eggs, seafood) | Dried Mee Siam (veg/peanuts/eggs) | Hainanese Chicken Rice (meat) | Hokkien Prawn Mee (meat, eggs, seafood) | Nasi Lemak (eggs/nuts/ veg/meat choice available) | and Mee Goreng (egg/veg)

Those with a sweet tooth or wanted a savoury snack were covered with a selection of kuehs (all vegetarian):

Ang Ku Kueh (Mung Bean and Taro) | Kueh Kosui | Ondeh Ondeh | Kueh Lapis (steamed) | Kueh Ambon (egg) | Seri Muka (egg) | Pandan Cake (egg/milk)| Curry Puff (egg)

The food was served from hawker-style stalls: first-come-first-served. Guests upon entry received a coupon pack with 5 coloured coupons (for main entrées) and 1 white coupon (for dessert). The Newton Circus stall served entrées. The La Pau Sat stall served drinks and desserts/kueh. White coupons are for kueh/dessert, served with 3 to a plate. Any other colour was for entrées, one per coupon. Adults got 5 entrées and children (between 3 and 12) got 3. We aimed to have sufficient food, but we knew the Singaporean appetite would be impressive, and asked guests to understand if popular items vanished faster. We asked that for all to assure themselves of the best selection of food, to please arrive by 11:30 am.

Drinks Menu
There was a free flow of a variety of soft drinks and water, as well as, till it ran out, authentically brewed Teh Tarik and Kopi!

Fun and Activities
The SG50 area, titled Marina Bay, got our guests wishing they were back in Singapore with:

Photo exhibits of Singapore over the past 50 years | Wishing Wall - pen your greetings or draw your impressions of Singapore | Photo booth

We asked guests to come dressed ready, or use provided props to decorate themselves, friends, and family Singapore-style, and pose for for the camera! Photos have been posted here.

Ready for some play? We invited guests to learn a game, show-off their skill, or entertain the kids at our Kampong Games, Sentosa, Recess Time, and Pulau Tekong areas:

Hopscotch | Marbles (Recess Time) | Chapteh | Pick-up sticks | Kuti-kuti | Five stones | Eraser wars | Spinning tops (Kampong Games)

For a more full-bodied fitness experience, we had these attractions at the Sentosa recreational area:

Inflated Slide | Inflated obstacle course | Bounce House

And finally, the Pulau Tekong area, featured two IPPT stations: push-ups and sit-ups.

We ran a team-based Family Challenge game at the National Stadium. This was a fun relay game to bring back the sinmple games we enjoyed in childhood, improvising rather than using fancy equipment. The objective was simple: fastest to get from beginning to end, while passing a rubber band using straws with a mouth, then ambling over with balloons between feet, and finally to a three-legged race team to kick a sepak takraw ball past the finish line. We had demos and signed-up two teams of 2 adults and 1 kid.

Finally, enjoy simple activities:

Face-painting (Sentosa area) | Bubble-blowing | Balloons | Singapore-themed jigsaw puzzles | Art & craft colouring activities

Many games had the opportunity for prizes - which helped get some excellent participation and cheering of friends!

Guests were welcomed to take your own photos and videos. We had both photographers and OSU had a video crew on-site. We advised those to understand that by coming to the event, good photos of them may possibly appear in places from social media sites to the National Day parade video screen. A Today Article was posted titled More S'poreans overseas, but brain drain concerns dissipate, featuring a photo from the event.

We celebrated a welcome to the year of SG50 and the Lunar New Year with:

Lion Dance performance | The Bay Area Yourth Music Society, a wood-wind and string Orchestral band playing favourite songs you will sing along to | Talented Singaporean singers, including New York-based Ng Chee Yang (champion of Season 1 Campus SuperStar in 2006 and graduate of the Berklee College of Music)

and more. Plus keeping in mind all the food guests were getting, we kicked off with the Great Singapore Workout competition to get guests on their feet, if not on the stage, and with some prize incentives!

Event Schedule

Who — Why?

The core organisers were the SingaporeConnect committee of six, two members, and one OSU representative. The SingaporeConnect committee and members were all volunteers; not paid, nor part of the Government, Contact Singapore, Consulate, or so on. The OSU representative had a paid position, but given he worked weekends too and travelled throughout the US to meet with other Singapore Clubs, it was quite a busy job.

Together we had been meeting, oh, maybe 6 times since September last year and have exchanged around 3000 emails over several tens of hours of time per person. We also garnered a team of volunteers, including 6 additonal leads, and over 60 members from all walks to help bring this off!

We did this because we had an unique opportunity to celebrate the Chinese New Year, SG50, and SGC10 (SingaporeConnect’s 10th anniversary) all in one big bash. 

By the Community — For the Community
The event is open to Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs) accompanied by their immediate family members (spouses, siblings, parents, or children; not cousins, in-laws, nor significant others). We're sorry, but the venue does not permit dogs or other animals, weapons, glass bottles, alcohol, bikes or skateboards. Otherwise, we’re open to all - let your friends know and we can’t wait to enjoy this day together with all of you.



From San Francisco, Palo Alto, Cupertino 

  1. Take Hwy 280 South OR Hwy 101 South
  2. Exit Hwy 85 South
  3. Exit Saratoga Ave. Turn right on Saratoga Ave.
  4. Stay on Saratoga Ave. approx. 2 miles
  5. Saratoga Ave. becomes Hwy 9 / Big Basin Way at Intersection Continue through town on Hwy 9 / Big Basin Way/Congress Springs approx. 2 1⁄2 miles.
  6. Saratoga Springs is located on the right side of Hwy 9 / Big Basin Way (You will see our billboard and entrance sign, WELCOME!) 

 Map to Saratoga Springs

From San Jose Downtown Area 

  1. Take 280 North
  2. Exit Hwy 17 South
  3. Exit 85 North
  4. Exit Saratoga Ave. Turn left on Saratoga Ave.
  5. Stay on Saratoga Ave. approx. 2 miles
  6. Saratoga Ave becomes Hwy 9 / Big Basin Way at Intersection Continue through town on Hwy 9 / Big Basin Way/Congress Springs approx. 2 1⁄2 miles. Saratoga Springs is located on the right side of Hwy 9 / Big Basin Way
  7. (You will see our billboard and entrance sign, WELCOME!)

From Fremont / Milpitas Area 

  1. Take 880 South
  2. Exit 85 North
  3. Exit Saratoga Ave. Turn left on Saratoga Ave.
  4. Stay on Saratoga Ave. approx. 2 mile s
  5. Saratoga Ave becomes Hwy 9 / Big Basin Way at Intersection Continue through town on Hwy 9 / Big Basin Way/Congress Springs approx. 2 1⁄2 miles. Saratoga Springs is located on the right side of Hwy 9 / Big Basin Way
  6. (You will see our billboard and entrance sign, WELCOME!)

*Saratoga Springs is 1⁄2 mile past The Mountain Winery/Pierce Rd.
Big Basin Way does turn into Congress Springs Rd for a short while,
then back to Big Basin Road.
Though it changes names a few times, Saratoga Ave will take you all the way to the Springs! 

The Singapore Community Day is envisioned to be a
"By the community, For the community" event.
This is a wonderful opportunity to get as many Singaporeans
in one spot in the Bay Area as possible, doing the things we
cherish and would love to share with our families, friends, and community.

Click here for Online Registration 

Brought to you by SingaporeConnect, the Overseas Singaporean Unit, and the Community Day Organisers and Volunteers!


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